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The Seetle Ikoyi: Pasta House in Lagos | Information
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The Seetle Ikoyi: Pasta House in Lagos

Restaurant, coffee house, and co-working space in Ikoyi

The Seetle is a restaurant, coffee house, and co-working space in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Do you ever just want to hang out with friends in a cozy restaurant while bonding over good food? The Seetle is perfect for that.

Described as the intimate food corner, The Seetle provides a warm and comfy atmosphere which enhances customers’ dining experience. As the ultimate Lagos pasta house, best believe they serve the most appetizing pasta. Pasta lovers, this one’s for you!

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The Seetle Ikoyi Menu, Hours and Information

Address9 Keffi street, off Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos
Opening Hours:  Tuesday – Sunday from 10 am – 8 pm
For reservations call +2348115091271
Menu: View menu Here

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