1-2 Day Lagos Custom Itinerary

11,500.00 9,500.00

If you want extra, customized help planning your Lagos, Nigeria itinerary, we can do that! We work with you to understand what you are passionate about, what you specifically want to do and see at a location and then we build an itinerary around that.

You’ll receive a personalized PDF taking into account your travel dates, preferences, and budget – including:

  • Hotel information
  • Fun activities to do in Lagos
  • Restaurant reservations and/or addresses, operating hours and what you want to eat there.
  • Transportation to and from attractions or around the city such as car rentals numbers etc.
  • Information on how to book your hotel/flights/transportation

Within 24 hours of purchasing your Lagos Custom Itinerary, you will receive an email to schedule a consultation to start your itinerary planning.



Your 1-2 Day Lagos custom itinerary includes accommodations, attractions, and transportation advice (including simple maps), as well as personal tips on where to eat, nearby sites and activities that may also be of interest and answers to all the Lagos or Nigerian travel questions you have.

  • Your 1-2 Day Lagos Custom Itinerary Is Built For You
  • Stop wasting your time searching and planning, buy our great looking and extremely useful Lagos Custom Itinerary instead!
  • After purchasing, your Lagos Custom Itinerary will be easily and immediately delivered to your email.
  • The Lagos Custom Itinerary is downloadable as a PDF (Portable Format Document)
  • Your 1-2 Day Custom Itinerary is packed with all the information you need for your daily plans
  • Interactive PDF with website and phone number links so you can conveniently access more information
  • Stunning photos included, making you wish you were already there
  • Up To Two Rounds Of Revisions Included in Price



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