Nok by Alara Victoria Island Lagos Menu, Hours, and Information
Nok by Alara Victoria Island Lagos Menu, Hours, and Information
Photo via nokbyalara / Instagram

NOK by Alara is a contemporary African restaurant, and the culinary extension of Reni Folawiyo’s concept to celebrate and elevate all aspects of the African lifestyle. The restaurant is an intimate dining space displaying contemporary Art and Design from all over the continent. 

Nok by Alara Menu, Hours, and Information

Address: Alara, 12a Akin Olugbade St, Victoria Island, Lagos
Opening Hours:  Tuesday – Saturday from 12 pm – 10 pm | Sunday from 12 pm – 8 pm
Instagram: @nokbyalara
For reservations call 0908 561 4815 or
Menu: View the Lacibo menu Here or Here.

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Nok by Alara Review

by Lade Ogundimu (2017)

THE FOOD: Looking for spicy continental rare African food? Yes, you’re in the right place. Their food is different and delicious, if you love experimenting with your taste buds I’d personally recommend it here. Recreated continental dishes that are well cooked and served. You’d have to taste it to feel what I’m saying. Their Red red bean stew with steamed plantain is just so delicious, with varying flavors at each bite. A personal fave I’d recommend is the Ghanaian rice and beans, not being a lamb fan? Then the lamb mafe may not be for you. Putting into words the genuine taste of their food would be undermining its worth but Nok is surely not a regrettable visit for a true explorer.

THE AMBIENCE: Indoors and outdoors they nailed the décor by far. Have you seen the Legendary ALARA red wall? Home to major photoshoot sessions, I think the great part about ALARA is how the touch of the fashion house extends to the entire environment and the backyard?! It’s a playground of colors and uncommon furniture great for pictures for the GRAM, and the indoors? Home to the famous photo frame wall, it’s neat, clean, and classy with great ventilation toned with eye calming wall colors and gorgeous chandeliers.

CHARGES: ALARA is a bit on the high side but if you’re looking to spoil yourself with a classy environment and uncommon treats? Awesome. Their services are great, snappy, polite, and considerate.

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