Godaif Village: Chic Café & Restaurant in Ikoyi Lagos
Photo via godaifvillage / Instagram

Godaif Village: Chic Café & Restaurant in Ikoyi

Cafe | Bar | Pizzeria | Flower Shop

Godaif Village is a chic café & restaurant situated in the heart of Ikoyi. The serenity of the place makes it an ideal spot for casual meetings, date nights, or even a relaxed hangout with your friends and family. Plus the coffee is top-notch! Do try the pizzas/paninis/pastries while you’re there!

The Mexican architecture gives off a beautiful view at sunset. Perfect for hangout with friends and family time.
Godaif Village is also one of the few spots that offer a playground for kids! You can sit and watch your kids swim while the rest of the family dines away.
The space is divided into a pizza place, a poolside bar/restaurant, an indoor café, and a kid’s playground.

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Godaif Village Menu, Hours and Information

AddressCasa Asmarina, 26B Turnbull Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos
Opening Hours:  Monday – Sunday from 8 am -10 pm
Instagram: @godaifvillage
Website: godaifvillage.com
For reservations call 09070042361 
Menu: View menu Here

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