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Filmhouse Cinemas Landmark: Ticket Prices and Deals

Filmhouse Cinemas Landmark: Ticket Prices and Deals Movie Schedule Lagos Nigeria MX4D

Filmhouse Cinemas Landmark offers guests a movie-going experience like no other with fully-reclining leather seats in 5 auditoriums (1 Coca-Cola MX4D screen, 4 Premium screens) each complete with cutting-edge sound and high-definition projection technology. An upscale lounge-style lobby space anchors the entry space, complete with a gourmet concessions area and seating options for guests to relax before or after their movie.

The 319-seat multiplex also features four Real 2D screens, a bar and The Cube, a luxurious screening room with private dining and a children’s play area. Guests have the option of purchasing their tickets from self-service kiosks at the entrance or being served in the foyer. The cinema is the fourth location in Lagos and the eleventh in Nigeria. 

The MX4D® technology offers guests a unique experience – they are immersed in the on-screen action like never before. The newest evolution in the 4D cinema experience provides a totally immersive environment, where the viewers can ‘feel’ the action on the screen and ‘be part of the movie’ from the built-in motion and effects in the seats and theatre walls and enhance the movie experience. The theatre seats will move in sync with the movie action and special EFX generators in the cinema, allowing one to ‘feel’ the movie’s motion, jolts, pokes, wind, water and even scents and odours. The in-seat features like neck-tickler, back poker, air blast, water blast, seat popper, rumbler, leg-tickler etc. along with the theatre’s atmospheric interventions like snow, fog, rain, bubbles, strobe and scent will leave the audience enthralled and spellbound with the flawlessly synchronized timing of each effect.

Filmhouse Cinemas Landmark Hours and Information

AddressLandmark Village, 4 Water Corporation Dr, Victoria Island, Lagos

Opening Hours:  Monday – Friday from 10 am till midnight | Saturday – Sunday from 10 am – 2 am
For reservations call 0902 499 7900

Filmhouse Cinemas Landmark Movie Ticket Prices And Deals

  • Big Screen – ₦3000
  • Premium 2D Child – ₦2000
  • Premium Adult 2D – ₦2500
  • MX4D Adult – ₦5000
  • MX4D Child – ₦3000
  • CUBE – ₦250,000 (FOR 8 GUESTS)

*(EXTRA GUESTS PAYS ₦20,000) MAXIMUM capacity is 10 guests

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Filmhouse Cinemas Landmark: Ticket Prices and Deals | | The Cube is the VIP of luxury cinema experience

Filmhouse Cinemas Landmark Movie Schedule

Also, For further information about movie times and other details, feel free to check the official Filmhouse Cinemas Landmark website.

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