Basilico: Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Victoria Island
Photo via thenaviapp / Instagram

Basilico: Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Victoria Island

Basilico is an Italian restaurant and Pizzeria located in Victoria Island, Lagos. This tropical garden-feel restaurant has an outdoor and indoor seating space but it does not matter which you opt for because the ambience for both is simply beautiful. It is a cozy space with a big heart and helps infuse traditional Italian taste into your diet. 

The Italian restaurant serves freshly made comfort food with the menu having offerings like pasta, creamy risottos, chicken salad, grana cheese cut, smoked ham, seafood, and meat dishes.

For a more homely, intimate lunch or dinner vibe, Basilicos is the perfect spot for you!

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Basilico Lagos Menu, Hours and Information

Address15 Musa Yar’ Adua St, Victoria Island, Lagos
Opening Hours:  Monday – Sunday from 8 am -10 pm
Instagram: @basilico_vi
For reservations call 0816 956 1783
Menu: View menu Here

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